Friday, December 18, 2009

There are a FEW good docs

Yesterday, it felt good here bashing the countless doctors who, in a word, suck.

I could write a blog every day for about 10 years dissing the doctors who did me harm. I could write for days about the depressing things I know some doctors tell their long-suffering "fatigued" patients. And I will in future post share some of those things bad doctors say not only so you can be on the lookout and steer clear of that kind of doc, but also because some are so awful they are funny. Those of us who have chronic health conditions do often need a hearty laugh and there is a lot to laugh about in the medical care community. We get so much bad health news in our lifetimes that a good chuckle at our condition goes a long way.

Today I want to applaud the doctors who DID listen to my symptoms and who DID NOT just wave away my real health concerns and hand me a prescription for an anti-depressant. The first doctor I found in Austin is a true thyroid/hormone expert. He spends at least an hour with me every time I see him. He tells me in medical terms why my body is failing here and there and how -- as a team -- we are going to improve things. He gave me my health back and therefore my life back.

I learned about him from complete strangers on a Yahoo thyroid support group. Those ladies were the first to hear me and share with me what was causing my ever-growing list of symptoms. Thank you Darla, Janie and the other wise women who continue every day to help patients heal themselves. I'd still be bedridden if it weren't for you!

I'll talk later on about the other two doctors who were compassionate enough to really hear what my symptoms were telling them. I just wanted to say there are a few excellent doctors out there and there are hundreds of on-line communities where you can join up and get help from people suffering the same fate as you are.

I love this site in particular:

Here is a link on that site that keeps track of the great doctors:

If you have a problem with gluten and you continue to consume it, you can be fairly certain that a thyroid problem is in your future.

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