Thursday, December 17, 2009

Doctors and their Four F's

Have you heard this little nugget that some doctors are taught in medical school?

Let's say you are a middle aged woman complaining to your doctor about feeling fatigued. He will more than likely write you off by saying, "Well, little lady, why would you not be tired? You have a full time job and 3 children." To which I want to yell back "YOU, doc, also have a full time job and 3 children yet you seem to have no lack of energy."

What your doctor is thinking -- and may actually have the gall to say to you -- is this:

"You have the Four F's: Female, Fat, Fertile and Forty."

If "whining" began with an F, they would have their own 5 F's. Many doctors see a person complaining of fatigue as nothing more than a whiner.

By telling you "it's all in your head" or "it is normal to be tired," your doctor is being a horrible doctor. He/she is ignoring a valid complaint. He/she is patronizing you and is giving you the distinct feeling that you are wasting his/her precious time.

It is NOT normal to have bone pain, joint pain or so much fatigue that you have to crawl out of bed in the morning. If a doctor tells you this, FIRE that useless M.D. They can be fired. I have become quite skilled at firing doctors and have even fired doctors for my friends who were too sick to do so.

If you insist on returning to a doctor who ignores your symptoms and one who attempts to give you pills (RUN if they tell you that you just need some Prozac and you will be a-okay)to "help" your fatigue, you have my permission to add the 5th F to your doctor's repertoire:


As you can see, once I got my health back, my feisty nature returned with it.

Be feisty about your health. That can be your 5th F if you are too lady like or too much of a gentleman to use my preferred F above.

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