Monday, December 28, 2009

Gluten and Dairy Free Restaurant Comes to Austin!

Okay, technically this restaurant is in Cedar Park but close enough to the "big city" to call it an Austin establishment. I heard about it from a Facebook friend and we went to the restaurant on the very day we heard about it.

It is worth the drive.

The owners' son was given a diagnosis of Autism at a very young age. The couple researched and researched and decided going gluten-free and dairy-free was one of the best ways to help their son. IT WORKED!

Their son is now making high marks and attends public school. If that isn't an outstanding testimonial about how harmful gluten and dairy can be to some of us -- as well as a testimonial for how great we can feel off that junk -- then I don't know what is.

Here is a link to their restaurant. They have delicious TV-style dinners that taste amazing:

Jeff and I both immediately went for some Italian food. He had a peperoni pizza and I enjoyed spaghetti and meatballs. It was seriously delicious!!

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  1. Just found your blog - thank you for sharing your experiences - love it!!

    The link to the gf restaurant in Cedar Park isn't working. Can you post the name? I am going to be in that area soon - would love to stop by!

  2. Okay - just didn't google enough - believe I found the restaurant - Food for Life Network in Cedar Park. :-)

  3. Hiya! Thanks so much for your comments and for letting us know that link isn't working. We will get it fixed. Glad you found Food for Life. I LOVE their TV dinners!