Tuesday, December 29, 2009

140 Million Americans Suffer From Gluten Issues

How many people are suffering from Celiac's Disease? At least 1 in every 133 Americans. What is that tally? 2,115,954 people. That number does not include those of us believed to have a gluten insensitivity. That number has been estimated to be as high as 140 million Americans. Surely that includes someone you know, or you?

Read that number again. Say it out loud. 140 million.

Know how many Americans actually got a Celiac's Disease diagnosis last year? Only 40,000 people. The rest of you are being given flat out wrong diagnosis's from your doctors, year after year after year. Scarier still, some of you never even have a single symptom that would hint that you have a gluten issue. That is why it is vital to get tested if a family member has an issue with gluten. You could be killing your guts and not even know it.

If you have a few of the following symptoms and your doctor never thinks to test you for Celiac's, fire him. If you have some of these symptoms and you never try a month with no gluten to see if you feel better, fire yourself as director of your own health care.

I know, I know, I can be too blunt. I am blunt but I got that way after being here for 44 years and never getting medical care that would have helped me until very recently. It has made me a little crabby. That and wheat. Wheat definitely makes me crabby.

Here are some of the symptoms of Celiac's or a gluten sensitivity. Please know that since every body is different, we can all have different symptoms. For example, I had ataxia, which is a balance disturbance. I would literally run into walls (and no, I was not drinking). My husband would hear a loud BANG followed by a loud cuss word. He would ask, 'what's wrong, honey?" And I would have to reply that I ran into a wall. Again. Really it was more like falling into a wall since my balance was so awful. I had bruises all over the place. It wasn't pretty. It too made me crabby.


The main signs and symptoms associated with gluten intolerance (celiac disease) are due to the inadequate absorption of nutrients from food. This condition results in:

Abdominal bloating and pain
Foul-smelling gas and stool
Steatorrhea (an increased amount of fat in the stool)

Some of the signs and symptoms associated with gluten intolerance occur as a result of the malnutrition and vitamin deficiencies often caused by the condition. These may include:

Anemia (low number of red blood cells) and fatigue. Due to a lack of absorption of vitamin B12 and iron.
Weight loss. Due to poor absorption of carbohydrates, proteins and fats.
Bone pain, bone weakness and osteoporosis. Due to a lack of absorption of vitamin D.
Swelling (often around the ankles and feet). Due to fluid retention
Tingling and numbness from nerve damage. Due to deficiencies of B12 and thiamine.

Other indicators may include behavioral changes, muscle cramps, joint pain, mouth sores, tooth discoloration, itchy rash, weight gain, seizures, missed menstrual periods, infertility or miscarriages.

Okay, all the reasons above are making me crabby just reading about the endless possibilities!!!

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