Friday, February 26, 2010

Natural Solutions Magazine Hits Thyroid Article Out of the Park

ThyroidImage via Wikipedia
This article in Natural Solutions magazine is the very best mainstream article I have ever read about thyroid issues. Kudos to Natural Solutions! They got the story right.

Check out The Hidden Epidemic: Is Your Thyroid Making You Fat?


  1. Thanks for the kind words, Annie--we're so glad you enjoyed the article!
    Katy, managing editor, Natural Solutions

  2. Hello, Katy! I loved your entire magazine, as a matter of fact. Thank YOU for writing about thyroid issues and for being among the first on the national scene to get the whole story right.

    I was sorry to read that the Editor in Chief is also hypothyroid and has bad adrenals, though the great news is that she found what sounds like an excellent ND who is really helping her to feel better.

    Thanks for commenting and keep up the great work!! Annie

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