Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Apology to My Gut

play knitted intestinal tractImage by Sterin via Flickr
Dear Gut,

I owe you an apology.

I am sorry that I pumped foods into you for 44 years that made you congested, bloated and very unhappy.

I am sorry that I was a sugar addict and might have permanently endangered your structure.

I am sorry that I like alcohol and you have to deal with that as well.

I am sorry that I am a carb Queen and that I never met a potato that I didn't love.

I am sorry for all those times I sat on the bed watching a TV show and eating Cheetos.

I am sorry that I never liked vegetables much.

I am sorry for all the pastries.

I am sorry for the chocolate, too. I really love chocolate.

I am sorry most of all that I ignored my "gut instinct" for too long.

I hope you will forgive me and that you are willing to give me a do-over.

If you are, I promise you that I will:

  • eat whole, real foods
  • eat no food that has more than 5 ingredients in it
  • never knowingly eat gluten, corn or dairy casein again
  • give you daily probiotics and Omega Oils
  • boycott sugar, in all her forms
  • avoid alcohol and caffeine
  • spoil you with ginger and green teas

And my most important promise, I will listen to my gut.

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