Sunday, January 31, 2010

Acid Reflux No More?

The healthier I become, the angrier I get with any doctor who is an -ologist. I have particular wrath for the endocrinologist who ignored my thyroid condition for 10 years. That genius literally shrugged his shoulders when I brought him in three pages of symptoms. I can't get the decade back that I wasted with that harmful doctor, but I can help others in the same boat by giving you the knowledge you need to become healthy again, in spite of some incredibly harmful doctors.

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My endocrinologist sent me to his buddy, a gastrointerologist, to talk about my acid reflux problem. Instead of looking at my body as a whole and instead of examining what role my normal American diet had on my esophagus and my stomach, the gastro informed me that I would be just fine if I took an acid reflux prescription pill FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE. Just as the Ear Nose and Throat doctor who botched my thyroid surgery cheerily told me I would be just fine if I just took a synthetic thyroid pill FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE. Health does not and never will come in the form of a pill.

I took that prescription drug for acid reflux for 5 years, only it quit working. So then the genius doctor UPPED the dosage to two times a day. So I did that for a few years and finally ended up in the hospital with severe acid reflux.

When I finally discovered a caring doctor who truly understood thyroid issues and he put me on the thyroid hormone my body had to have and was no longer producing on its own, my brain fog slowly lifted and I got my brain back. I began to read everything I could find on thyroid issues and that led me to where I am today: knowing that I have issues with gluten, corn and casein. My body becomes inflamed and non-functioning when I ingest those things. Things stop working properly, like the way my stomach functions.

Do you know how many pills I take these days for acid reflux? ZERO. I eliminated the foods that were killing me and draining my body of the energy-producing hormones that we all have to have to thrive.

If you currently have acid reflux, look first at your diet and see what changes you can make before you pop a pill and think it will all be okay . . . because it won't be.

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  1. I started to feel better after taking natural thyroid supplements . I am thankful with this medication. My life is getting back to its normal self.